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Work group 2 – Environment, health, science and society

Coordinators:  Christian Bonah and Marie-Pierre Camproux-Duffrène

Permanent members: Benjamin Baldous (MCF), Christian Bonah (PR), Marie-Pierre Camproux-Duffrène (PR), Sophie Gambardella (CR CNRS), Véronique Jaworski (MCF HDR),  Elisabeth Lambert (DR), Nils Kessels (MCF), Pierre Le Roux (PR), Annie Martin (CR CNRS), Marianna Scarfone (MCF), Jean-Materne Staub (PR), Marion Thomas (MCF), Eric Navet (PR), Antoine Dolez (ATER), Guillaume Linte (ATER), Nils Graber (ATER)

Work group 2 analyzes contemporary transformations of knowledge, practices and rules in the fields of health and environment, by combining the approaches of law, history, political science, sociology, and social studies of science. By working on the fields of environment and health in a cross-disciplinary perspective, the work group seeks to generate innovative perspectives on the relationships between society, science and technology. In both the fields of environment and health, we posit that civil society resistance is likely to create a reconfiguration of the arena where norms are negotiated. Although EU policy tends to treat the environment and health as autonomous policy areas, the emergence of new risks and the mobilization of scientific and political resources have brought about a process where these two fields increasingly overlap.

The studies conducted by members of this work group will generally focus on either of these fields considered separately, but will also focus on the increasing interdependence between environment and health. An example of this is the increasing number of organizations in charge of studying the relationships between the two fields. Additionally, both have received significant media coverage and become pressing concerns over the past twenty years are now a recurrent subject of scandals and controversies. Research will address subjects such as scientific expertise, accountability in the field of biotechnology, or the legal organization of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The members of this work group believe that integrated multidisciplinarity is possible and necessary to analyze the environmental and health problems that impact political, legal, social and economic fields. Focused on the forms and transformations of knowledge on health and environmental risks, this work group logically includes a dimension of social history and political science as a path to studying the relationship between society and science. The changes in representations and mobilizations constitute the very substance of the transmission of concepts and norms from one era to the next. The historical approach also lends itself well to addressing the spatial dimension of the relationship between society, science, environment and health, allowing us to retrace the evolution of the interactions between local, national and international levels with an emphasis of studying legal norms and knowledge instruments as a form of coordination and regulation at these different levels.


Research contracts in progres

  • BodyCapital - ERC Advanced Grant, ERC Advanced Grant BodyCapital « The healthy self as body capital: Individuals, market-based societies and body politics in visual twentieth century Europe »,
    Responsable scientifique : Christian Bonah
  • "Agir ensemble contre l’obésité dans les QPV : éducation thérapeutique et prévention par l’activité physique (recherche action)", Contrat de ville Eurométropole- Université de Strasbourg, 2015-2020
    Responsables scientifiques : Christian Bonah , Catherine Jung et W. Gasparini, EA 1342


Research contracts completed :

  • SantéFilm : Information, persuasion, propagande. Le film médico-sanitaire comme mode de communication entre science, médecine, sphère publique et sociéte en France, Allemagne et Russie/URSS, 1900-1980 (2014-2017)
    Christian BONAH
  • Soldiers out of control: An entangled history of accidents in the French and German military, 1920-1970 - Groupe de recherche joint FRIAS-USIAS (2015-2017)
    Anne RASMUSSEN et Peter ITZEN
  • "Projections du Rhin supérieur. Mémoire, histoire et identités dans le film utilitaire, 1900-1970, INTERREG
    Christian BONAH
  • "Le droit et la diversité biologique ou Une contribution juridique à la préservation de la biodiversité", Fondation de l'Université de Strasbourg
  • "De l’expertise environnementale aux transformations des figures de l’expert : compétences, contentieux et traitement par l’action publique", ATTREX (Initiative d'Excellence)
  • "Responsabilités pour atteintes à la santé et à l’environnement à la suite d’une pollution par hydrocarbures", IdEx
  • "La Pollution marine par les navires ; de la réparation du dommage écologique à la Modélisation du droit" , Institut Frabçais d'Algérie
  • "L'indépendance des experts et ses problèmes dans le champ de la santé publique : expertise en pratique et enjeux de communication", Agence Nationale de la Recherche
    Emmanuel HENRY
  • "MedFilm Instruire, informer, communiquer, éduquer.Le film médico-sanitaire en France 1900-1960", Agence Nationale de la Recherche
    Christian BONAH