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Sustainability Research in the Upper Rhine Region

Concepts and Case Studies

Édité par Philippe Hamman, Stéphane Vuilleumier
Presses universitaires de Strasbourg, Collection - Études alsaciennes et rhénanes
2019, 346 pages
ISBN 978-2-86820-549-0

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The concept of sustainability takes different meanings, depending on the discipline, and on research and social practices. It can be associated with new technologies, with societal changes and innovations, and with new modes of governance. Sustainability has increasingly integrated both individual and social group lifestyles and values. There is thus increasing awareness on topics related to environmental protection and the ecological transition, as well as on new economic challenges, with marked differences from one territory to another. Associated issues and challenges also include a dimension of general responsibility, and bear upon the common good. Hence, "sustainability" is directly linked to international, interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation.

This book showcases recent work of scientists who participated in the International Conference on Sustainability in Strasbourg in September 2018. It provides a unique and timely interdisciplinary perspective on the status of sustainability research in the different territories of the Upper Rhine Region, in an arguably key moment of increasing awareness on sustainability issues in society at large. Authors examine a variety of theoretical and cognitive dimensions of sustainability, and relevant methodologies for analysis. Concrete and reflexive studies at the level of the Upper Rhine Region are also presented. Collectively, these diverse contributions offer a vivid and global overview of this highly topical field.


Philippe Hamman, Stéphane Vuilleumier – Introduction. Sustainability Research in the Upper  Rhine Region. Concepts and Case Studies

I. Governance and Intercultural Aspects

Valentin Baudouin – From Sustainability to Sobriety

Sihem Dekhili – How to Develop Ecotourism? An Examination of the Role of Co-Creation with Customers

Carmen Schiel, Simon Glöser-Chahoud, Frank Schultmann – Implications of Real Option Thinking on Environmental Investments in the Context of Political Intervention

Emiliano Scanu – Urban Climate Action and the Challenges of Sustainability: Towards a "Climatisation" of the City?

Sophie Liziard, Rémi Barbier, Sara Fernandez – Does Local Water Governance Enforce Ostrom's  Principles? Investigating French Local Water Committees

II. From Social Transition to Renewed Resource Management

Julia Blanc – Religion—An “Influencer” That Should Be Taken into Account when Planning for a More Sustainable Future?

Aida Boudhaouia, Patrice Wira – Power and Water Consumption Monitoring with IoT Devices and Machine Learning Methods in a Smart Building

Valérie Tschamber, Gontrand Leyssens, Gwenaëlle Trouvé – Environmental Impact of Residential Wood Stoves: Progress and Challenges of Appliances and Use Practices

III. Territorial Dynamics: A Focus on Innovative Projects

Ines Gavrilut, Kristina Izmailova, Barbara Koch – Regional Concepts for an Integrated, Efficient and Sustainable Energy Supply and Storage in the Trinational Metropolitan Region Oberrhein

Rodolfo Orjuela, Jonathan Ledy, Michel Basset – SIMPHA Experience: Contribution to New Mobility Solutions for People with Reduced Mobility in the Upper Rhine Context

Laurent Schmitt, Jean-Nicolas Beisel, Frank Preusser, Carmen De Jong, Karl M. Wantzen, Valentin Chardon, Cybill Staentzel, David Eschbach, Christian Damm, Gilles Rixhon, Ferréol Salomon, Rüdiger Glaser, Iso Himmelsbach, Yves Meinard, Serge Dumont, Laurent Hardion, Jérôme Houssier, Claire Rambeau, Stoil Chapkanski, Sebastian Brackhane – Sustainable Management of the Upper Rhine River and Its Alluvial Plain: Lessons from Interdisciplinary Research in France and Germany

Jon Marco Church, Olivier Aimont, Emmanuel Guillon, Rémi Helder, Grichka Lévy, Pierre Taborelli, Jean Grosbellet – The Project of a LTSER Platform Driven by Civil Society in the Argonne

IV. Current Issues on Environmental, Energy and Cultural Dimensions of Sustainability

Nico Lehmann, Natalie Lanzrath, Armin Ardone – Inland Hard Coal Transportation Costs in Germany and the Effects of Low Water—A Model-Based Approach

Arian Mahzouni – Towards an Analytical Framework for Sociotechnical Urban Retrofit: Cities in the Upper Rhine Region

Philippe Hamman – Energy-Efficient Sustainable Housing: Confronting Expert Knowledge and Inhabitant Knowledge

Florence Rudolf, Julie Gobert, Paul Averbeck – Adaptation to Climate Change as a Challenge for Sustainability Management in the Forestry and Timber Sector