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AAC IMAGE(S) OF INDIA International workshop AJEI



International workshop AJEI


March 19th -20th -21st 2018 - New Delhi - India

... What do we picture when we evoke India? For its 20th annual Workshop, AJEI invites young
researchers to share their knowledge and to propose a critical approach of the concept of ‘Images’ in
the subcontinent: To what extent do images reflect the many realities and representations of India
and how does the Indian imagery affect scholarly, artistic and touristic as well as political
perceptions, from a western and an Indian point of view? The Workshop is aimed to develop a
cross-disciplinary dialogue in social sciences for a better understanding of the multiple roles that
Images have been playing from antiquity to nowadays in the perceptions and the foundations of
culture and identities in Indian society. The aim is also to open some reflexive discussions on the use
and construction of images. ...

The workshop would be held on the 19th -20th -21st of March in the Jawaharlal Nehru
University New Delhi-110067


Propositions of contribution:

  • To submit a proposition of contribution, you are most welcome to fill out the application form and save it as Yourname.doc (docx)
  • Attach the documents (page 1,2,3,4) to your email and send them to ateliers.ajei2018@gmail.com with “Conference Application” as the subject and abstract of your presentation (up to 500 words) (page 5) before the 10 February 2018.

Download the call for paper and the application form // Télécharger l'appel à proposition et le formulaire (EN)