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Education Policies and the Restructuring of the Educational Profession

Global and Comparative Perspectives

Romuald Normand, Min Liu, Luís Miguel Carvalho, Dalila Andrade Oliveira, Louis LeVasseur
Springer, Perspectives on Rethinking and Reforming Education
ISBN 978-981-10-8279-5

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The book analyzes worldwide changes in school organization and the teaching profession, and how the profession has been impacted by education policies that promote assessments and accountability. It also identifies some shifts in professional positions, statuses and profiles, and characterizes the impact and contextualization of professional standards that shape teaching practices and the management of schools. Further, the book provides relevant comparative and empirical data on the restructuring of the teaching profession in an era of globalization through a critical perspective on and an overview of the main research and comparative findings across countries. As such, the book is not only directed to educational researchers but will also interest professionals and policymakers, addressing a broader education and policy community concerned by the new aspects shaping the teaching profession in the 21st century.

Table of contents (18 chapters)

  • Introduction, Luís Miguel Carvalho, Romuald Normand (p. 1-12)
  • Soft Infusion: Constructing ‘Teachers’ in the PISA Sphere, Christina Elde Mølstad, Daniel Pettersson, Tine S. Prøitz (p. 13-26)
  • Politics of Professionalization of Teaching: Contemporanean Development and Variations of Uses, Régis Malet (p. 27-42)
  • School Inspectors in Europe: Towards a New Public Professionalism?, Xavier Pons (p. 43-56)
  • Changes in School Governance and the Reshaping of Head Teachers’ Roles and Identities in Portugal, Sofia Viseu, Luís Miguel Carvalho (p. 57-69)
  • Education Policies, the Teaching Profession and Teacher Training in Germany—The Ever-Evolving 16-Piece Mosaic, Pierre Tulowitzki, Michael Krüger, Marvin Roller (p. 71-87)
  • Policies for Teacher Training and Work in Argentina from the Turn of the Century, Myriam Feldfeber (p. 89-103)
  • Between Evidence-Based Education and Professional Judgment, What Future for Teachers and Their Knowledge?, Vincent Dupriez, Branka Cattonar (p. 105-118)
  • New Public Management and Its Effects in the Teaching Profession: Recent Trends in Spain and Catalonia, Antoni Verger, Marcel Pagès (p. 119-135)
  • Comparison and Benchmarking as Key Elements in Governing Processes in Norwegian Schools, Guri Skedsmo (p. 137-158)
  • Restructuring the Educational Profession in Denmark, Annette Rasmussen, Palle Rasmussen (p. 159-172)
  • A Postsocialist Perspective on Audit Culture: Changing Practices and Subjectivities of School Teachers in a Russian Region, Galina Gurova, Nelli Piattoeva (p. 173-187)
  • Neo-Liberal Managerialism and Professionalization in U.S. Schools, Rick Mintrop (p. 189-204)
  • The Teaching Profession in the Context of New Public Management, Dalila Andrade Oliveira (p. 205-219)
  • Leadership and New Public Management: The Forgotten Professional Dimension of School Organizations, Romuald Normand (p. 221-234)
  • Overcoming Fragmented Professionalism? Accountability for Improvement in Teacher Preparation in Italy, Monica E. Mincu (p. 235-244)
  • Work Regulations and Teacher Subjectivity in a Context of Standardization and Accountability Policies in Chile, Jenny Assaél, Rodrigo Cornejo (p. 245-257)
  • Neoliberalism and New Public Action in Education in Québec: Changes in Primary School Culture and Teacher Identities?, Louis LeVasseur, Mélanie Bédard (p. 259-271)