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Work group 6 – Territorial dynamics, cities and mobilities

Coordinators: Philippe Hamman and Thierry Ramadier

Permanent members: Vincent Beal (MCF), Maurice Blanc (PR émérite), Gwenhaël Burgy (PAST), Anaïs Collet (MCF), Géraldine Djament (MCF), Raoul Taofick Fousseni (MCF contractuel), Bénédicte Gérard (MCF), Isabelle Hajek (MCF), Philippe Hamman (PR), Alexandre Kostka (PR), Fabien Paulus (MCF), Thierry Ramadier (DR CNRS), Josiane Stoessel (PR), Maurice Wintz (MCF), Patricia Zander (MCF HDR), Jean Zoungrana (PAST)

This work group combines sociological, demographic, geographic, psychological and urban planning approaches to address public policy and environmental issues in an interdisciplinary fashion, using comparative social science methods and focusing most specifically on environment in sustainable development in urban policies.

The research conducted in this work group will be particularly attentive to the territorial, urban and public policy levels involved in public planning and development. These different geographic and sociological levels of observation and action (those of the actors and social groups studied) will be used to understand cities through their processes of transformation and expansion, with particular attention to the process of blurring and disappearance of borders that currently characterizes them. This brings a new approach to classical questions of urban sociology such as social cohesion, social structure and mobilities, both social and geographic. To achieve this general objective, we will first focus on infra-urban levels such as neighborhoods, where the divisions between urban and suburban spaces are being reconfigured (the so-called at-risk neighborhoods and their precarious populations, eco-neighborhoods as new socio-spatial divisions, the “compact city” and the management of real estate…). We will also address the urban level and the increasingly numerous and institutionalized inter-local cooperation perimeters at regional and sometimes transnational levels (in border areas). Reference is very frequently made to Europe and the EU at different levels, but with varying objectives that deserve closer scrutiny. Acting both as a frame, a constraint and a resource, the European dimension of territorial and urban policies poses the question of the Europeanization of social practices. On a more global level of analysis, North-South territorial policies will be investigated, drawing on cultural approaches of different zones, particularly in ethnological terms to get a better handle on the cultural specificities of the global phenomena of urbanization, economic specialization and competition of urban areas.

Methodology will be in consequence resolutely comparative, in a manner consistent with the empirical approaches studying relationships between these scales of analysis, particularly by studying mobilities between urban spaces and within the evolving visible and invisible borders inside urban areas.

Research contracts in progress:

  • Responsabilité de l’axe de sciences sociales « Gouvernance » et membre, représentant l’Unistra, du Board international du réseau Upper Rhine cluster in sustainability research / Cluster de recherche en durabilité du Rhin Supérieur (INTERREG V, 2016-2020). Ce projet structurant associe l’ensemble des établissements universitaires et de recherche de l’espace du Rhin supérieur : Universités de Bâle, de Freiburg im Breisgau, de Karlsruhe, de Landau, de Strasbourg et de Haute-Alsace, ainsi que le CNRS, l’ENSA de Strasbourg, ainsi que l’ENGEES.
    Philippe HAMMAN
  •  «Residential Familial Trajectories and Access to Independent Accomodation For Young Adults in Low-Income Neighbourhoods» (2017-2020), Eurométropole de Strasbourg
    Thierry RAMADIER

Research contracts completed :

  •  “Sustainable and Cost-Effective Management of Space in Small and Mid-Sized Upper Rhine Municipalities”, INTERREG
    Patricia ZANDER
  • “Sustainable Development and Social Cohesion”, IRD & CPU, Institut français d'Algérie
  • Portraits d'AzubiBacPro" - FEFA et  Forum Vies Mobiles SNCF (2016-2017)
    Vincent GOULET
  • Etude de représentation du Lynx dans le Parc naturel régional des Vosges du Nord (2015-2016)
    Maurice WINTZ
  • “The Literature on Nature. Writings and Production of Knowledge on Nature in Modern and Contemporary Europe”, Programme MISHA (2013-2016)
    Isabelle HAJEK et Philippe HAMMAN
  • “Conception and Industrialization of High Energy Performance, High Environmental Quality and High Social Quality Building Modules”, FUI FEDER
    Philippe HAMMAN
  • “Residential Multilocality in the Upper Rhine Region: The State of the Art”, GIS Mondes germaniques
    Philippe HAMMAN
  • “‘Overriding Public Interest’ in the Field of Environment: How Local Development Projects in Alsace Face the Legal and Environmental Constraints of a Multi-Scalar Concept”, CIFRE Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin
    Philippe HAMMAN
  • “Northern Cities, Southern Cities”, Conseil Scientifique de l'Université de Strasbourg
    Isabelle HAJEK
  • “Resident Participation in Strasbourg”, Convention CIFRE Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg
    Maurice BLANC
  • "Interférences, intersections, interactions - l'architecture en Alsace entre Paris et Berlin (1871-1918) - PHC Procope
    Alexandre KOSTKA


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