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Work group 1 – The transnationalization of elites

Coordinators: Jean-Pascal Daloz and Sébastien Michon

Permanent members: Eric Cheynis (MCF), Jean-Pascal Daloz (DR CNRS), Adam Ffoulkes Robert (PAST), Niilo Kauppi (DR CNRS), Hélène Michel (PR), Sébastien Michon (DR CNRS), Cédric Pellen (MCF), Florent Pouponneau (MCF), Marion Rabier (MCF), Elsa Rambaud (MCF), Francisco Roa Bastos (MCF)

Work group 1 builds on the large body of research conducted over the past fifteen years on the political sociology of the professionals of Europe. Breaking with the institutionalist approach of Europe, these studies focused on the structuring and functioning of the “field of Eurocracy” have more recently expanded their scope to the dynamic relationships between national, European and international elites.

EU institutions can be studied as a field where relatively specialized agents (politicians, EU and national civil servants, interest representatives, consultants, experts…), considered both in sociological and political terms, compete for the definition of EU institutions and policies. Further, research in this work group traces the outlines of a space that encompasses the diverse loci of power that compete in Europe. The groundbreaking studies of Strasbourg’s political scientists now play an important role in the international regeneration of European studies around the sociology of the EU.

The objectives of this work group are to build upon this body of research to study the dynamics between processes of transnationalization of elites and the ongoing reconfigurations of supranational and national political spaces. Close scrutiny of transnational elites and bureaucrats will shed new light on what political commentators call the “EU crisis”, on the changing models and priorities of European governance and policies, on the reconfiguration of the relations between political, monetary and financial spaces both at the European and the global level, and on the debates on the redefinition of the instruments and institutions of international regulation.


Research contracts in progress :

  •  ANR MEDICI Les Conflits d'intérêts dans le domaine du médicament (2016-2019)
    Boris HAURAY (ISERM, IRIS) et Hélène MICHEL

Research contracts completed :

  • L'espace politique européen saisi par les élargissements. Sociologie de l’investissement des institutions européennes par les représentants polonais - Idex (2016)
    Cédric PELLEN