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Work Groups

Work group 1 – Elite Transnationalization and Reconfiguration of Political Spaces in Europe

Coordinators: Jean-Pascal Daloz and Sébastien Michon

Work group 1 builds on the large body of research conducted over the past fifteen years on the political sociology of the professionals of Europe. Breaking with the institutionalist approach of Europe, these studies focused on the structuring and functioning of the “field of Eurocracy” have more recently expanded their scope to the dynamic relationships between national, European and international elites... (read more)

Work group 2 – Environment, health, science and society

Coordinators: Christian Bonah and Marie-Pierre Camproux-Duffrène

Work group 2 analyzes contemporary transformations of knowledge, practices and rules in the fields of health and environment, by combining the approaches of law, history, political science, sociology, and social studies of science. By working on the fields of environment and health in a cross-disciplinary perspective, the work group seeks... (read more)

Work group 3 – The transformation of collective mobilizations in Europe

Coordinators: Magdaléna Hadjiisky and Wiebke Keim

Work group 3 examines new mobilization patterns in an innovative fashion, bringing together scholars of law, political science, sociology, history and ethnology. Very few sociological and legal studies on the uses of law have been underpinned by a comparative and European approach, even though the circulation of actors, techniques and repertoires of action has resulted in profound transformations in collective action... (read more)

Work group 4 – Social policies, familial and occupational dynamics

Coordinators: Alice Debauche, Philippe Cordazzo & Céline Monicolle

Work group 4 is structured by the close collaboration between demographers, sociologists and political scientists. Social groups are studied both from the point of view of the individuals and of the loci of their socialization (family, school, work, residence, groups constructed by and through public policy …) at different ages in life... (read more)

Work group 5 – Transformations in the markets of symbolic goods: culture, media, education

Coordinators: Julie Sedel and Jérémy Sinigaglia

This work group brings together researchers who work on the production and circulation of symbolic goods by conducting studies on the fields of culture and the media. While earlier research in Strasbourg focused on the role of politics and public policy, for instance through cultural policy and political communication, future studies... (read more)

Work group 6 – Territorial dynamics, cities and mobilities

Coordinators: Philippe Hamman and Thierry Ramadier

This work group combines sociological, demographic, geographic, psychological and urban planning approaches to address public policy and environmental issues in an interdisciplinary fashion, using comparative social science methods and focusing most specifically on environment in sustainable development in urban policies... (read more)