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Expressions of High Status: A Comparative Synthesis

Jean-Pascal Daloz
2022, Springer, Palgrave Macmillan Cham, 357 p.
ISBN: 978-3-031-05400-6

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About this book

This book is an unprecedented effort to compare representations and practices of social distinction worldwide and over the centuries. It is based on years of observation in many countries and on the consultation of more than 2 500 multi-disciplinary publications dealing directly or indirectly with this theme. In two previous theoretical volumes on the topic (The Sociology of Elite Distinction and Rethinking Social Distinction) welcomed as major breakthroughs, Jean-Pascal Daloz has established himself as the foremost scholar of symbolic social superiority from a comparative perspective. After having rigorously shown the limits of the main analytical frameworks available and outlined a much more inductive approach, his new empirical book continues this intellectual journey.

Taking into consideration all sorts of cases and patterns of meaning, it offers an impressive synthesis demonstrating how diverse the expressions of high status can be. This comparative work is intended to be a crucial reference point and an important source of inspiration for researchers and students across many fields.

Table des matières


Part I

  • Adornments
  • Residences
  • Vehicles
  • Food
  • Burials

Part II

  • Self-Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Physical Appearance
  • Distinguished Manners
  • Cultivation and Linguistic Competence

Part III

  • Relatives and Glamorous (Fe)male Company
  • Flaunting Connections
  • Servants
  • Artists
  • Animals

Part IV

  • Telling Bodily Attitudes
  • Precedence
  • Gift Exchange